ImageI found a mountain of fresh jalapenos at the market this morning. Glorious. Until now, all I’ve been able to find in this country has been pickled ones in tiny jars. All this time I’ve been rationing out the pickled ones and dismissing recipes that call for fresh ones. Now that I have them, I don’t know what to do with them. I’m paralyzed by options!

I bought a bag and the lady at the booth asked me if I was going to make chili. She started in English before I said a word (How do they KNOW?). I told her in Dutch that I don’t know yet, but I’m buying them because I’m from Texas. Then the man at the booth yelled, “TEX-as?!” and proceeded to impersonate what I think was someone on a bucking bronco. It looked more like Gangnam Style to me.

gangnam style

This is what Dutch people think Texans do, I guess.