Yesterday I turned 27. Last year on my birthday I felt old because I had become closer to 30 than I was to 20, but this year I say bring on the late 20’s.

Will and I went out to eat, ate cheesecake, and FaceTimed with my parents. Pretty low-key, but a good day. Today at Dutch class, my teacher and classmates gave me a birthday postcard, a set of Van Gogh cards/envelopes, and a 3 pound apple pie. Later this month I cat- and house-sit for a lady in my choir, and she says she’s cool with me throwing a party. I see a taco bar complete with instructions on how to make a taco in my future.

In the Netherlands, the birthday person gets congratulated, so instead of saying “Happy Birthday” to someone, you say “Congratulations on your birthday.” And the family and friends of the birthday person get congratulated, too. So if I were to say something like “Today is my brother’s birthday,” then a Dutch person would immediately say, “Oh, congratulations!” and shake my hand. I think it’s hilarious.

I found out today that I was confused about all the rules for this congratulating business. Yesterday I was emailing some homework to my Dutch teacher, and I wrote that today was my birthday, so congratulations to her. She emailed me back asking me what I meant and if I was congratulating her for HER birthday, which happens to be coming up. I said no, I thought that she gets a congratulations through my birthday. I went to class later and she said that as the birthday person, I am not supposed to congratulate anyone. Other people congratulate the birthday person AND everyone else around them.


Got it.

Some of you already know that I happen to be a leeedle bit older than my husband. It’s not by much, and we’re actually the same number of years old between January and April. Our internet connection has been funky lately, so we had this conversation the other night:

W: Remember when you actually had to log on to the internet, and you weren’t always connected?

A: Yeah, we didn’t even have the internet until I was in middle school I think.

W: Whoa, how old was I when you got the internet?

A: I dunno, you were prolly like a toddler or something.

W: When you got the Internet, the only website you could look at was the Smithsonian Institute, and they just had pictures of dinosaur bones and gemstones. Actually, you’re so old they weren’t dinosaur bones; they were still dinosaurs. The only website you weren’t allowed to look at was

A: Dinosaurs didn’t wear clothes, and they didn’t have nipples, so there’s NO WAY there could be a Dino Nip Slip.

W: Only someone who saw a real dinosaur would know that!

Then we tried to go to, but it doesn’t exist. Then we tried to come up with a dino nip slip picture, but we could only find a dino slip. Enjoy!